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spider solitaire

Come play spider solitaire with us here at Earthquake Solitaire, where you can play your favorite card game as you monitor earthquakes in near-real time.

Spider is a 2 deck card game, with several options that make it anywhere from fairly straightforward, to a real mind game. You can play with one suit (just spades), two suits (spades and hearts), or go all out with all 4 suits, if you're looking for an insane challenge.

But why does it matter? In Spider, you move cards in sequence with lower cards being placed on higher cards. But, where the trick comes in is when you play with more than one suit. It's a valid move to move a red card onto a black, for instance, BUT you can no longer move that sequence as a stack when the suits don't match. Some games will require than you move cards and create "mixed" stacks, effectively burying some cards at the bottom of a mixed pile until later in the game.

But it's all up to you to figure out when and where you should use this strategy. Don't forget you've always got your handy UNDO button when you get into a jam.

We hope you enjoy playing spider solitaire!

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